Thursday, 21 June 2012

LEDApple mv

   LEDApple Top Music Video

Led Apple (Korean: 레드애플), commonly stylized as LEDApple or Ledapple, is six-member South Korean rock band formed by Startory Entertainment in 2010. The band currently consists of Youngjun, Hanbyul, Keon U, Hyoseok, Kwangyeon and Kyumin.The part "Led" in Led Apple stood for "Logic Egoism Delete" and was promoted during their debut but they stopped referring to it since their CODA mini-album was released. Instead they replaced it with a practical explanation of "shining as brightly as LED whenever they perform" which was eventually referred to as a tribute to their role-model, Led Zeppelin. The word "Apple" in the band's name is supposed to represent their fresh image as idols and fresh music that they release.[1] As of 2011, fans of Led Apple are officially known as "LEDAs".

Top Music Video:   

1-LEDApple-Boy Meet Girl mv

2-LEDApple-Dash mv

 3-LEDApple-Sadness mv 

4-LEDApple-Time Is Up mv

5-LEDApple-Let The Wind Blow mv

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